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The game's popularity prompted Bill Gates to briefly consider buying id Software, which id Software rejected, and led Microsoft to develop a relatively lackluster Windows 95 port of DOOM to promote the operating system as a gaming platform.

One such video presentation to promote Windows 95 even had Bill Gates digitally superimposed into the game.

but, a lot of the other help and information in the guide is still quite useful.

If I wish to edit digital audio, I would just as soon use the programs Cool Edit Professional and Gold Wave...

but, if I want to MIDI sequence or compose, I will surely be using good old Cakewalk Professional v3.01!

MOD") Here, and download the original scroller demo ("RUNME! My old primary email address was [email protected], and my NEW primary email address is now [email protected]

My old secondary (redirected) web site URL was and my NEW secondary (redirected) web site URL is now (in other words, now currently redirect to Today marks the day, 17 years ago, when the shareware version of DOOM was first uploaded by id Software to the University of Wisconsin's FTP server (well before Al Gore "invented" the Internet)!

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Also included is the original "SKY1" sky texture from DOOM's Episode 1: "Knee Deep in the Dead", as well as a demo of your's truly completing the map! ", view the readme, view a layout screenshot of the map... I took the MIDI file "Layla" (that is freely available all over the Internet), and re-sequenced the song in Yamaha XG format, recorded it to an MP3, and uploaded it here: "Layla: Live! Like my own two other songs "Black and White: Live! " (mentioned below), the song is a live rock concert performance sort of thing, with a driving Hard Rock style that the screaming girls in the crowd and the audience in the MP3 seem to like!

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