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King Boleslaw is depicted with Russian Prince Svatopolk the Accursed who betrayed the city to Poland as the King famously damages his sword on the Golden Gate of Kiev.

The dismemberment of Poland in the 1700’s was a result of Poland’s aggressive behavior in the previous centuries.

The repressions by the Russians were less than the Poles inflicted on Russians, Ukrainians and Byelorussians when they occupied their lands.

While Poland held the upper hand, in 1596, they imposed the Uniate Catholic religion on the Ukrainians.

An example of Ukrainian rage was the Cossack-led Koliyivshchyna battles in 1768/1769 against the Szlachta and Jews in which over 100,000 were killed.

What the Poles inflicted on others in their heydays of the 1500’s and mid-1600s, resulted in their being partitioned in the 1700s for a period of about 150 years.At the end of WWI in 1918 the Austro-Hungarian empire was broken up.The Curzon line was established by Lord Curzon to accurately demark the boundaries between Polish and Ukrainian populations. Galicia was part of Kievan Rus’ dating back to the year 1,000. WW2 drove hundreds of thousands of Orthodox Slavic peoples who identified as part of the Russian world off of lands they had been inhabiting for 1000 years, beginning with the original Russian nation state of Kievan Rus’. Understanding the historical backdrop to this, going back hundreds of years, is critical to understanding what is happening today in the region, especially to understanding relations between Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia.

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These are the landowner Polish gentry that lorded over as many as they could, for as long as they could.

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