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Elaine tried to salvage the relationship by sending text messages to him continuously after their breakup.

Only when she realised that he had a new love, she then decided to let go of the relationship.

TVB actors normally prefer driving luxury cars, not minding to spend the additional money to let others know their status.

Possessing three real estate properties, Bosco Wong Chung Chak filmed in mainland recently and earned a large amount of money.

After the breakup, Elaine has been pouring her sorrows on her Instagram.

Two months ago, she wrote, “If we try to change our other half, that is not life and it’s not happiness.

This is because she grew up speaking Shanghainese in her family.

However, netizens have pointed that her Cantonese pronunciation is less than perfect.

Knowing that many women were attracted to her rich boyfriend, Elaine had been pressing Patrick to tie the knot with her.Upon seeing his “new love,” which had a license plate ready to be driven home, Bosco’s eyes shone with excitement.Although the car salesperson explained the car’s various functions, Bosco’s eyes were focused on the car.Just when all her friends thought that wedding bells would be ringing soon, Elaine and her boyfriend broke up in March this year.Her boyfriend was said to be so put off by her constant pressure to get married that he decided to end their relationship.

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Amy Wong's Under the Canopy of Love, starring Kevin Cheng, Bosco Wong and her, in the February of the following year also helped establish her popularity.

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