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Instead, Knowles said that people darker than a brown paper bag could not attend Fisk.

Beyonce has often sung about her mother’s experiences with her dad, in songs like “Ring Off,” which spoke of Tina staring in the mirror and wishing her husband would say she was beautiful.

Later he would discover that she was a woman very much in touch with her blackness.

As reported by the Born in 1952, the 66-year-old Mathew was raised in Gadsden, Alabama.

His experiences in the south led Knowles to hold a prejudice against darker-skinned black women, since shade was so important.

And Knowles isn’t alone in discussing light skin favoritism. In 1973, he played Willis in Scream Blacula Scream.His other well known roles include the 1979 movie The Main Event, and the 1984 drama Streets of Fire, where he played Officer Ed Price.It’s not his involvement in the entertainment industry that leaves a bad taste in Bey’s mouth, it’s the fact that he is a devoted follower of Scientology!Beyonce doesn’t want to see her mother affiliated with the organization at all and she rightfully fears that Tina will begin learning about the organization as a way of proving her devotion to her new man.

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Lawson's first ongoing starring role in a television series was in Australian drama Hotel Story in 1977.