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We support the choices survivors make — whether or not to report, and to whom to report — and recognize that these choices are particularly difficult because our laws and communities offer a severely limited set of options for survivors.Given the tremendous flaws and violence of the criminal justice system, we celebrate Title IX’s potential to create effective anti-carceral responses to serious harms while recognizing that this promise has not yet been realized.So where are the gay icons for the gay female community? To begin with, whether O’Neal wants to be a role model or an icon, I welcome both as important roles in the queer community.

There is a difference: both “iconhood” and “role modeling” are abstract, somewhat subjective concepts, but they each have slightly separate but meaningful (although not mutually exclusive) roles in the queer community.Caroline comes up with the idea of starting a cupcake business with Max but they need 0,000 to begin it, which is the main objective of the two girls in the series.Caroline is average height with long, straight light blonde hair (currently has short hair now), and blue eyes.Martin Channing - Father Charity Channing - Aunt Wesbox Channing - Grandfather (unknown, possibly deceased) Astrid Channing - Grandmother (deceased) Peter - Cousin Steven - Cousin Unnamed Cousin in Law.Caroline is the opposite of Max, she's sophisticated and comes from a wealthy background.

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