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Sadly, once the camera stopped rolling, the relationship ended. Lachey is happily married to Vanessa Lachey and Simpson is loving life with her new husband, Eric Johnson.

when she was just twenty-three years old in 2008 with her father officiating.

Spears then moved to Nashville to start her country singing career.

She found love again in 2011 with Jamie Watson and the couple married in 2014 when Spears was 23 years old.

Way before Demi Moore took the plunge with Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher, the actress went to the chapel with another man, Freddie Moore.

The break up was messy and Kardashian later said that Thomas was physically and emotionally abusive.Interestingly, Brit’s marriage to her childhood friend was also the same year that she married Kevin Federline.Britney Spears’ younger sister, Jamie Lynn Spears followed in her big sister’s footsteps when she decided to get married young.As the old adage goes, first comes love and then comes marriage, but for some of these famous celebrities, love and marriage came really early on in their lives.Afterward, for many of these celebs, divorce papers followed the short-lived nuptials, but fortunately for some, a select few on this list surpassed all the statistics and are still making their marriages work today.

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The young couple had their first son, Daniel Julez J. Milla was only 16 years old when these star-crossed lovers decided to get hitched.