Who is chanel from rob dyrdek fantasy factory dating Free chatroulette sex videos

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Who is chanel from rob dyrdek fantasy factory dating

Her name may sound like some strange California line within the iconic Parisian fashion label, but trust us – while she may rap about high fashion every now and then, she’s about as real as it gets.

According to Chanel, she can't wait to let fans in on her personal life, as well as her music career. If she wanted to collaborate with me, then sure.” Pressed further about a possible feud with Nicki, Chanel told us, “You know, I’m not going to say anything about that, but you should watch (Photo Credit: Courtesy of Chanel West Coast) MORE: 'Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta' Star Rasheeda Is Standing by Kirk Frost Through His Side Chick Scandal While a collab with Nicki might be out of the question, Chanel would love to team up with R&B powerhouse Keyshia Cole — who has also signed on to when it returns to VH1 for a fourth season on Monday, July 24, at 8 p.m. Fetty Wap Reportedly Rushed to the Hospital When Masika Kalysha Gave Birth, Despite Denying He's the Father!However, while Azalea towers over most of her co-stars at 5’10, Chanel West Coast manages to pack a ton of sass and attitude into a pint sized frame.She’s funny, she’s fierce, she’s determined to succeed, she knows how to work the camera, and she can spit rhymes with the best of them.All good things -- even Rob Dyrdek's famous "Fantasy Factory" -- must come to an end, and this weekend, the Atlantis-sized carnival for reluctant adults shut its doors for good, catapulting its committed employees back to reality.There are still a handful of episodes left to enjoy in the series' final season, but that didn't stop Chanel West Coast from getting mighty sentimental at the wrap party, and the lone female staffer had trouble coming to terms with a workday apart from the men she's come to know as family.

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Everyone knows about blonde Aussie bombshell Iggy Azalea, but there’s another sassy blonde rapper cutting her teeth in the music industry lately – Chanel West Coast.