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What Its Actually Like to Work With a Book Editor (Blake Atwood, The Write Life, 5-22-17). (Writer Beware's excellent links, including some of these: Should You Pay Someone to Edit Your Work?Haley's references: Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, plus Garner's Modern American Usage (Modern English Usage in in its latest edition -- a wonderful reference for writers, too).Thinking Fiction: Indie-Editor House Style, Part Two The Author Factor (Haley, 2-16-18) Examples of why, when, and how to apply house style vis--vis author variables Thinking Fiction: Indie-Editor House Style, Part Three Themes and Variations (Haley, 4-12-18) The advantages of having your own house style: great efficiency (see example with em dashes and ellipses in fiction dialogue), some conventions Haley uses, and balancing your professional editing standards with a client's voice and vision.Some publishing houses provide their own sensitivity readers, particularly in genressuch as young adult literaturewhere the industry feels protective of its audience.The responses flow back to the author as part of the editorial process, and each reader earns a modest honorarium. A realistic look at error rates in fiction, in particular.

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