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Webcams live rooms whit piss

There’s also Trump’s bodyguard Keith Schiller’s later testimony that a Russian business associate offered to “send five women” up to Trump’s room during this very trip — though he says he and Trump turned down the offer.

That in itself doesn’t give the allegation more credibility — Trump’s trip was high-profile and had been public knowledge years before Steele began his research — but, inconveniently for Trump, it makes it impossible to conclusively the allegation.There he worked for corporate clients and at one point the English Football Association (to investigate Russia-related FIFA corruption).He’d helped out the FBI on past investigations, and his contacts there are said to view him highly.Finally, the US intelligence community chose to take Steele’s research seriously, and leading political figures have as well. But the FBI had already been looking into its claims for months beforehand, because Steele himself had reached out to them during the summer.President Obama was briefed on the dossier, including the “pee tape” claim, in January 2017. And not long after that, Buzz Feed News posted the dossier, which let the public see it too.

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