Walther ppk serial number dating

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Walther ppk serial number dating

Ergonomics (carry) * * * * * It’s tiny, light and fits easily in a pocket, purse, IWB holster, jock strap or garter belt.If it had a lanyard ring, it could be hung from a gold chain and worn like a necklace. Ergonomics (firing) * * * * The grip is comfortable and even has room for all three fingers including the pinkie. The trigger is too heavy by 50%, but its smooth enough.That can’t be, not if the all cartridges fit the chamber properly. No pistol can selectively strike one brand’s primers better than another. Despite the two-handed laser deployment, the Bodyguard 380 is an accurate, easy to carry pistol that’s also a fun shooter that will be enjoyed at the range.What be is that the PPU primers were too hard for this gun to handle. Conclusion It seems to me that Smith & Wesson built the BODYGUARD 38 to a price point, with little thought as to whether or not it was good. A buyer who wants a .380 pistol would not go wrong with the BODYGUARD 380.

The BODYGUARD 38s thumb-operated ambidextrous cylinder release latch (atop the frame and the laser affixed to the right side) is especially disconcerting.

The revolver’s made of several materials including steel, aluminum and polymer.

Yet every surface of the gun screams “plastic” (even if it isn’t).

Too much clutter on the left side, with the takedown lever, slide lock lever and safety packed into two inches of space.

On such a svelte gun, the integrated laser looks a bit like a double-chin on a fashion model.

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