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Vin diesel dating history

Though there was that one time Jean Grey telepathically read Groot's inner dialogue and we all realized it's probably better that we don't have to listen to him drone on, because trees are really boring.

But as everyone who's fallen in love with the character in the first Got G movie can attest, words are overrated.

no one knew a thing about this rag-tag team of misfits and the Milano they rode in on.

Then a giant tree had to go sticking his fingers up people's noses and sacrificing himself while surrounded by fireflies, and our lives would never be the same.

For his part, Groot is supposedly a descendant of an ancient ennobled sap-line.

Luckily, right before that happens, the Vandoom Creature appears to punch a hole right through Groot's splintery face. (Why this series didn't make it past six issues is beyond us.) Early on, this frightful S. One major reason could be because the giant tree has such a special affection towards small animals.

Eventually, Peter wakes up in the sweats, and we all learn the valuable lesson that children can't handle comic books -- or large pieces of wood. Back on Planet X, squirrel-like beings known as Maintenance Mammals helped maintain the planet's ecosystem.

In Dutch, as well as Afrikaans and Flemish, the word is translatable as “big.” Which means that if you are watching in any of those countries, Groot is not so much introducing himself as he is bragging about his massive size. custody and dropped into Kree space, where he gets recaptured by the alien race known as the Kree.

Exactly what part of himself he might be referring to we will leave up to you to decide, but re-watching the movie imagining that Groot says “I am big” every time does make for a far more comical experience. When Peter Quill aka Star-Lord is recruited by the Kree to help stop a universe-ending super-weapon, they fit him with a team of alien misfits that include Rocket Racoon and the now far-less hostile Groot.

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But when this wooden giant first lumbered onto the scene in 1960, he was as evil as plants come. That stuff is the worst.) In fact, Groot was nothing more than your run-of-the-mill monster looking to terrorize the planet, like Dracula, King Kong, the Blob, or Justin Bieber.