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Venerable bede dating bc ad

Internet resources include: The Search for the Green Man and Who is the Green Man. Arabs capture Chinese papermakers at Samarkand and adopt the process for papermaking. Frankfurt-am-Main, Germany, may be the birthplace of the hot dog. 1492 CE Voyage of Christopher Columbus from Spain to the edge of the Americas. 1516 CE First use of the term 'herbal' per the Oxford English Dictionary. 1530 CE Gardens of Babur (1483-1530), Mughal Emperor, in Persia and India. Plants grouped by physical characteristics (morphology) rather than by medicinal properties.

Oranges cultivated in India and Tigris River Valley. 5000 BCE Wild pod corn is cultivated in the Tehuacan valley in Mexico. Ancient World Web Index, Ancient Scripts - Web Resources 3700 BCE Uruk period of Sumerian agriculture.1300 BCE Ramses II has apples cultivated along the Nile.1167 BCE Ramses III, Egyptian King, (1198-1167) benefactor to many grand temple gardens and public buildings. Tiglath Pileser I, King in Mesopotamia, enthusiastic gardener 540 BCE Hanging Gardens of Babylon.Of the tuber-bearers, only eight are routinely cultivated and eaten by people, and most of these have stuck pretty close to home in the Andes of Peru. [Baker 1978] Figs, grape vines, pomegranates, and dates in cultivation in Egypt and Asia. 2000 BCE Native Americans are growing many varieties of corn, beans, squash, sunflowers, as well as using many wild plants as foods. Watermelon cultivated in Africa, tea and bananas in India, apples in the Indus Valley.The first garden art was probably decorated grape arbors [Gothein 1928]. I Welcome Your Comments and Suggestions 1750 BCE Includes sections on maintaining irrigation canals and ditches, and property laws regarding gardens..

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