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There are, of course, others I'd like to add as well... I'm not sure what the boot edit did for Windows 7; its an old XP hack.

The Papyrus settings will CAUSE more problems for you.

I do have other mods downloaded that are not installed.

In particular, there's a water mod that is not represented in the links above, as I'm always suspicious of water mods (NWN and n Vidia weren't pals), so it was one of the early ones I dropped. First: Incredibly BAD advice on the mod page you linked.

Just check things out; Sky UI works, notice any stutter or lag you have, etc.

Make a New Save of this test game (you can make a named save from the console: save testgame ).

In fairness, I've added mods, and tweaked settings, and I may be running too much towards the "pretty" end.Heck, even my load screens aren't long enough to read the tips. Potentially relevant system specs: Windows 7 32 bit n Vidia Ge Force 9800 GT Intel i5 3570 Its hard to help with your crashes without more information: 1. So, in the interest of always being thrilled to accept relevant and meaningful free advice...Then it crashed (coming from Breezehome into Whiterun). BOSS log: BOSS rules manager Yx Jh I'm using the Nexus Mod Manager, BOSS, and SKSE.I also only played for twenty minutes or so after I got it working again.Really did seem noticeably choppier, and load screens sometimes hang up just a bit before they start.

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