Validating dropdownlist asp net

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Validating dropdownlist asp net

From there, you can compare user input in different fields or against values that might be held in other repositories, such as a database.You can check for many types of information, as you learn in the rest of this article.Validating, in this case, does not mean that if John Doe types his name into the form field of a text box as Fred Doe the computer sends an alert to inform you that the data is untruthful.No, we still do not have the capability to find out whether a statement is true.

You ensure this by eliminating any chance that the information collected does not abide by the rules you outline. NET don't know the difference between client-side and server-side validation.It was a lot easier to understand the difference between these forms of validation when you coded Active Server Pages 3.0 because, as the programmer, you personally performed almost all data validation.You yourself either programmed it to be client-side or server-side.The bad thing about server-side validation is that it requires trips back and forth to the server.This takes a lot of resources and makes for a slower-paced form for the user.

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NET, you might have been introduced to a number of different types of controls, whether HTML server controls or Web server controls.

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