Updating zonealarm 7 1 Xxx cro

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Updating zonealarm 7 1

Don't install Firefox 7.0 using the "check for updates," button on the Help About Firefox window, because I believe it updates immediately.

Wait for Firefox to prompt saying that "an update is available," click on the update button, and wait for the screen showing what extensions/plug-ins Firefox finds incompatible.

I do NOT use their toolbar, even though parts are installed when you tell the install program to not do so; I have disabled the remainder of the parts that they install into Firefox.

If you physically remove those parts on your hard drive, the Zone Alarm interface indicates an error with a "Fix It" button.

Okay, I guess I'll have to wait until you catch up. This is the answer I received: ZA Chat Reply: At the moment we do not support any version of fire fox above version 5. Should I care if the zone alarm browser security is disabled?

Okay, I guess I'll have to wait until you catch up.

Thanks for your reply Safebrowser, I'm very familiar with zone alarm, and I'm familiar with the problem of applications being out of synchronization.

I know the chat person was actually wrong, but I'm sure he gave me the official line.

I've checked into it a little further, and there's more to the zone alarm browser security than the toolbar.

If this reply solves your problem, please click "Solved It" next to this reply when Only the toolbar is not compatible with Firefox because Zone Alarm has not updated the toolbar.

(NOTE: Zone Alarm just started silently installing the toolbar update for Firefox 6 in the last couple of weeks; so they seem to be running about a month behind).

it also handles download security checks and file scans.

I would not recommend disabling the zone alarm browser security!

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Firefox has a feature similar to the main function of most security application toolbars to keep you away from malware and phishing sites.

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