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Updating sony ericsson firmware official

This time, a glorified hourglass, similar to the one mentioned earlier, came up.

I was left staring at this while nothing happened for about three minutes.

Especially not when the quality of the graphics change from screen to screen (the progress indicator mentioned earlier was drawn sharply). Apparently there was no reason to include the battery in the animation. Oh, and an animation that shows only parts of the process does as much harm as good.

After clicking on “Norwegian”, I wait a few seconds before I realise I have to click the low-visibility arrow too. I’ve flashed phone firmware before, so I figured that the SIM-card should be removed and the battery left in, and that’s that.

When pressed again, it moves back to the “off” state.

The only feedback that tells you that the device is actually entering the “on” state is observing that the device actually is entering the “on” state. I’m sure you can understand that panic was mounting at this point. Well, I’m a Windows user, and Windows users know that if you’ve got a problem, the most reliable way of solving it is to clean out the dirt (meaning your entire current Windows installation) and start from scratch. I could exploit the nice “every USB port must have a separate driver installation” feature of Windows XP?

When it doesn’t enter the “on” state, you will experience (if you, like me, are fond of your gadgets) a very uncomfortable, uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. I wasn’t quite at that point yet (although my phone was), so I was content with rebooting and starting the procedure from the beginning. It was worth trying, so I inserted the cable in a different USB port and started from scratch.

Somehow I think that I would’ve avoided the program altogether if I didn’t actually want to upgrade, but hey. I was supposed to be guided smoothly through the process, so confusion mounted fast when I was faced with the following instructions: “Follow the instructions in the list below Check that your battery is fully charged. In another minute or so, the application threw me back to the “Start / Quit” screen.

By this point I guess most of their testers were getting really worried, so they probably thought putting in a last avenue of escape was a good idea. I was getting somewhat concerned for my phone’s health and safety at this point, so I checked the SE website again, and discovered that there is a PDF document available with step by step instructions on how to perform the update.

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Judging by this, there shouldn’t be any problems, right? When the Update Service is launched, you are greeted with a computer animated intro of pretty poor quality, juxtaposed with some annoying music that is repeated a few times.

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