Updating server extensions in iis

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We had to cope with this issue to install the Fox In Cloud sample applications on the developer’s machine using supports ‘custom actions’ that installation author can define and decide to execute at any step in the installation process: We decided to execute, just after IIS applications have installed successfully, the following Java Script in the var junk , admin Manager = new Active XObject(' Microsoft. Writable Admin Manager') , sites Section = admin Manager.

Get Admin Section("system.application Host/sites", "MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST") , site = sites Section. Item(0) /* alias "Default Web Site" */ , XMLparser = new Active XObject(' MSXML.

CGI and ISAPI serve the same essential purpose, allowing dynamic interaction between site visitors and the server. Value = Attribute('name') script Module Entry. script Module Listed) isapi Cgi Restriction Element(script Module Entry) endif isapi Cgi Restriction Section Changed = true endif endfor if (handler Changed) stream. Get Admin Section("Server/security/isapi Cgi Restriction", "MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST") isapi Cgi Restriction Collection = isapi Cgi Restriction Section. DOMDocument') fso = create Object(' Scripting. Writable Admin Manager; , sites Section, i App; , site; , isapi Cgi Restriction Section; , isapi Cgi Restriction Collection, i ISAPI; , XMLparser, o XML; , fso, file, stream; , app, virtual, i Virtual; , handlers, handler, handler Changed, i Hand; , script Processor, script Module; , script Module Entry, script Module Listed, script Module Allowed, isapi Cgi Restriction Section Changed; , true, false admin Manager = Create Object(' Microsoft. Get Admin Section("system.application Host/sites", "MACHINE/WEBROOT/APPHOST") site = sites Section. Item(0) && alias "Default Web Site" isapi Cgi Restriction Section = admin Manager.

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I apologize if this has been asked before, but if deploying an update to a Share Point Framework package (either web parts or extension) deployed to a tenant App Catalog, does the package always need to be redeployed to the App Catalog or is it possible to just update the files in the CDN location?

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