Updating os on palm pixi

Posted by / 29-May-2020 05:49

It seems like just a few weeks ago that we were eagerly awaiting the release of the Pre, a phone that was considered to be the last gasp for the badly ailing company, and now it's poised to add an entirely new handset to the mix.The Pixi -- a sleek, tiny device -- seems clearly aimed at the only market Palm has recently enjoyed unfettered success with: the Centro demographic.From the looks of things, the Pixi is positioned to step into the role of the "cheap and cute" smartphone once firmly controlled by the company's previous (and now discontinued) Palm OS offering.Of course, the landscape in 2009 is very different from the landscape of 2007, with fierce competition -- both from outside as well as the company's own sister product.Looks like Palm's first Pixi update has an air of exclusivity to it.

Speaking of thin, did we mention what a sliver this thing is?When the time comes (indeed, the time comes) you'll need to download it from HP's website not your computer and install it via USB.And maybe that will be the point when we discover the joys of running a new OS on an underpowered handset for ourselves! Mitchell wrote in to let us know that HP pulled the web OS 2.0 SDKs and are "actively encouraging" devs to stick with 1.4.5 for the Pre Plus. Today is the four-year anniversary of the retail release of the first Palm Pre.It's also a day to reflect on the fact that each and every web OS device has what amounts to a ticking time bomb inside it, set to go off on July 23rd, 2013.

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Like the Pre, the Pixi is an incredibly sexy piece of hardware.