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To use the newest features and get the most up-to-date security updates, we recommend you get the latest version of Office.

feature-info: Many fields of the bibliography database where too small.

When checked, SQL statements generated by Base will use the AS keyword as follows: SELECT * FROM "table" AS "table" When not checked, the above statement would look like SELECT * FROM "table" "table" The first option is more human readable, the second option is required by some databases (Oracle ODBC, in particular).

feature-info: When a document is loaded in the OOo GUI a view is created at the end of the loading process.

The "Insert Sheet"-Dialog in the background and the File Dialog in the foreground.

If you cancel the File Dialog the "Insert Sheet"-Dialog will be closed too. No needs for extensions depending on features introduced in OOo 2.1 have been claimed.

That extension cannot declare its dependencies adequately, unless we do introduce a dependency now.

Additionally, linked text tables in HSQLDB, which since a while ago have a dedicated icon, are also represented with this icon.

Furthermore, the same applies to the relation designer (which cannot include queries, but tables and linked tables).

feature-info: With the implementation of the "queries in queries" feature, it is no possible to add both tables and queries to other queries.

In the graphical query designer, this means that now, it was not possible to recognize whether a given existent object denoted a query or table.

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But as modal dialogs could prevent OOo from opening other documents until they are closed, users might get confused if they didn't notice that their first document is still blocked by a dialog waiting for being closed by the user.

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