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Huntington says the city will request bids from fuel suppliers for bulk rate heating fuel delivered to the tank, and then city-owned fuel trucks will deliver it to city buildings that use independent boiler heating systems, such as the Antoski Road fire hall and the Birchwood dormitory.

The ordinance was up for introduction and a first reading at last night’s meeting.

The new heat exchangers installed this summer would be designed specifically to work with hot water, according to GCSD Superintendent Chris Reitan.

Reitan told the board that nine contractors have expressed interest in bidding on the project so far, though only one has visited Galena to check out the building.

The agreement for the Headquarters Building only lasts for one year, after which time Huntington expects the school district and city to make a decision about whether the building should be maintained any longer.

Huntington also asked for and received permission to purchase a 15,000 gallon double-walled fuel tank for the storage of heating fuel.

Because if we kick this too far down the road, it is not going to happen this year. They were looking at building their own buildings; they are probably not going to do that.

The approved calendar sets the first day of school for students at August 21st, and the last day at May 22nd.

At a sentencing hearing in Fairbanks on Monday, Galena’s Kyle Nickoli was given a suspended sentence of two years – but no additional jail time – for crimes related to a February 1st, 2015 break-in at the Galena Liquor Store.

If approved by the council it would have received a public hearing and a final vote at the council’s next meeting, but a 3-to-2 majority of council members did not want it to get that far in its current form.

Council members Josh Pittsenbarger, Ben Blasco and Ken Essex voted against introducing the ordinance, citing a number of faults of the lease agreement as presented.

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The school board could also accept supplemental bids for higher quality fiberglass windows, and new floor-to-ceiling windows around the front entryway, worth a total of about 570 thousand dollars.

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