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Updating my directx

I'm very disappointed there is no Sweet Home 3D fix for this error in Windows 10.

When, in a metro app (or at least the Direct X ones), if the window core dispatcher is flagged to Process All If Present, it spends time each frame loading and unloading one of the dlls associated with the password manager program.Here is a very short video of what I mean: EHk VUa Rcw It even does this with the shooting sample game, which is very mouse intensive. But this problem only started recently so I do not believe it is a problem with my computer's processing power.Has anyone else experienced this and know how to resolve it or does anybody have an idea into why this is going on?Note: users with older versions of Mac OS X (such as 10.5) and limited capability video cards (Intel GMA950, X3100) may need to upgrade to a more recent version of Mac OS X (e.g.10.6, 10.7) in order to get more capable video drivers Simply click the "Update Driver..." button on the video driver tab of the Display Adapter control panel.

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please update the direct X/open GL drivers of your computer graphic card."i use windows 10 and my graphic card is updatedthanks I have the similar unsolved Direct x driver issues in windows 10.