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Regards, Hello again - in the absence of something better I worked around my problem and came up with a fix, which I hope can be fine-tuned with your help.

Below is my Gridview and the class that captures the value of the multiple checkboxes in 4 columns of the gridview. Even if I check (or uncheck) only 1 row, code evaluates/reads all the rows in the Grid. How can I improve this code so that it only submits to the database the rows that I changed? My Grid applies pagination and sorting - if I check (or uncheck) the boxes on a page and then move to the next page to do the same, I lose the state of the boxes in the previous page.

How do I keep the status of the checkboxes so that I can submit all the changed checkboxes on all the pages? Hi I hav the same problem, My Problem is i hav two template fileds(Checkboxes) one to hide the record and other two delete the record. My gridview is look like this UPDATE multiple ROWS with different Values with single statement ?

I want a delete confirmation when someone check the delete checkbox using javascript when click on the delete button it works fine but , if some check the hide check box its too gives the confirmation msg which i doesn,t require. - Multiple Rows in subquery- ORA-01427 Hi I'm hoping one of you kind folk can help with this.

H...checkbox client side onclick event to manage checked status of multiple checkbox controls or multiple items in a checkboxlist I want to use javascript to run a client side function to manage the checked state of multiple checkbox controls.

For example, if checkbox A is checked by the user, I want to uncheck checkbox B & checkbox C and check checkbox D. Also, I'm considering using a checkboxlist control.

when the user clicks the button for every row in t... I want to "ajaxify" each of the areas described above. Checkbox to select multiple rows in Grid View Hi guys, I have a gridview with a checkbox template column.

UPDATE TABLE_ONE SET TOTAL_SALES =(SUBQUERY) The Subquery: Select COUNT(*) from TABLE_TWO where TRANSACTION_TYPE="SALE" GROUP BY PERSON_ID QUERIES together UPDATE TABLE_ONESET TOTAL_SALES=(SELECT Count(*) FROM TABLE_TWO GROUP BY PERSON_ID) This Subquery return multiple rows and hence teh ORA-01427 error. Multiple Row Update in Gridview I have a gridview control and I have textbox and ddl control in template field. User can change make chages able to save changes with click of button. Find Control("chkselect")Dim Claim Num As String = row. Grid View I have a Grid View attached to a Data Table. For example, if I update the s...gridview update, multiple rows I have a gridview with a checkbox column.

I poked around the net and all the samples i see are similar to what is in the link you provided.

Is there one that talks about the issue that I have?

To do any sort of editing you will need to switch from a Data Reader to a Data Set.

A data reader is a forward only, read only way to access data.

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Could someone please show me code or direct me to a link that would help me solve this problem? Grid View Guy Chkboxes Data Grid Basically, you need a "global" update button that iterates through checkboxes you put in the itemtemplate. In fact I already have one of my pages working like this already - where I activate/deactivate membership by checking 1 or more checkboxes in a column across the gridview.

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