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Updating media monkey

Hard Work After learning from Laura Roeder’s success story on Mixergy it was a no brainer that anyone with any skill and a passion for teaching should create a course and sell it online.The upside of creating a passive stream of income doing what I love was too much to let it pass.Timing Udemy launched in 2010, the same year I started Grumo Media.At that time they were small and working very hard to find new instructors and courses to add to their platform.But very soon I found out that creating a 10 hour course was no easy task.It took a lot of preparation and many frustrating hours fighting with my computer and myself.

You can find the stories of many of these students here: One important thing to have in mind is that creating your course is only part of the work.When you don’t have a boss and work from home it’s quite hard to find the motivation to sit down in front of your computer and do take after take talking to your webcam hoping that what you say makes any sense.But after 2 months I was able to complete my course and used the lessons learned to create my second course on how to create courses.Her name is Laura Roeder and at that time she was already making around 0K a year selling courses teaching how to use social media.That interview prompted me to release my first course.

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Choosing a topic for my first course was very easy.

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