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Updating libtool

If you are upgrading to GCC 4.1, or GCC 5.1, you would probably encounter ABI issues.

To prevent this, the So why is this only needed up to GCC 4.1/5.1?

Please note that downgrading GCC might have unwanted side effects.

Yes, C , since most incompatibilities occur within the C ABI.

That is true, but it ensures only that higher (or same) GCC versions can be used when building applications and linking libraries (compared to the GCC version used to build those libraries).

Update: Some of the techniques used in Dolt have since gone into upstream libtool.

That, however, doesn't mean they are completely incorrect: newer GCC versions often include better support for the processors' instruction set, which might influence the performance of some applications in a positive way.

Apart from such "benign" benefits, rebuilding everything from scratch may be necessary in some cases to fix problems that don't seem to have any obvious cause.

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To fulfill its function properly, the version information in them.

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