Updating ipod on different computer

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Updating ipod on different computer

Note that doing this will mean that the generated MOBI will show up under personal documents instead of Books on the Kindle Fire and Amazon whispersync will not work, but the covers will.

If you create an AZW3 file with a metadata To C and no end-of-file generated To C, some features on the Kindle will not work, such as the Page Flip feature. If you are reconverting a previously converted book, you will also have to enable the option in the conversion dialog for that individual book (as per book conversion settings are saved and take precedence).

If you have a hand edited To C in the input document, you can use the To C detection options in calibre to automatically generate the metadata To C from it.

See the conversion section of the User Manual for more details on how to use these options.

Note The newer AZW3 format has proper support for a metadata To C.

However, the Kindle firmware tends to malfunction if you disable the generation of the end-of-file inline To C.

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In order to convert a collection of HTML files in a specific order, you have to create a table of contents file.