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And soooo many amazing satin nickel options, so it was difficult for me to choose (what else is new, ha ;).

But we ended up going with one of their own “Cliffside Choice” hardware lines: the ZCH-4-SS Cliffside Choice 4″cc Silver Satin Carena Contemporary Curved Cabinet Handles for most of the doors and drawers, and the ZCC-4-SS Cliffside Choice 4″cc Silver Satin Carena Transitional Curved Bin Pulls for the kitchen and bathroom drawers.

:) But I was so happy with how the paint turned out! Cliffside’s headquarters are actually near Lancaster, and we love supporting local companies so were excited to work with them – also because of what they stand for: quality, value, relationships, and innovation.

Cliffside has over five thousand items from suppliers around the globe!

My dad secured it really nicely and used Cliffside’s MC-640 Round Magnetic Door Catch for Cabinets to hold tight the doors while we are driving.

Thanks to Cliffside Industries, we were able to transform the look of our RV by swapping out the decorative cabinet hardware, and even install a new dresser that looks unified with the rest of our RV.

But this was where it all started, and it was one of the most fun projects of our RV renovation (especially updating the cabinet hardware)! Remove all the cabinet and drawers from the RV, and remove the old hardware.

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