Updating from windows 2016 to windows xp

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This machine has more than 10x the clock speed (and 2 CPUs), 32x the RAM, and 1000x the HD space.Further, I’m pretty sure 100 Mbit ethernet was the standard consumer gear in 2001 while 802.11b wireless was gaining traction.I used to do a lot of this a few years ago, tracking the effort on my gaming blog.In the intervening years, I have still collected a lot of old, unused, unloved video games, usually either free or very cheap while documenting my collection efforts on that same blog.If I know these old games, most will be engineered and optimized for that ratio rather than the widescreen resolutions seen nowadays.

I also have this nerdy obsession with documenting old video games in the Moby Games database.

As for connectivity, the motherboard has dual gigabit NICs (of 2 different chipsets for some reason) and onboard wireless 802.11g.

I couldn’t make the latter work and this project was taking place a significant distance from my wired network.

Of course, as mentioned, it helps when you get to run old software on hardware that would have been unthinkably high end at the software’s release.

Apparently, the minimum Win XP specs as set by MS are a 233 MHz Pentium CPU and 64 MB of RAM, with 1.5 GB of hard drive space.

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So the question is: Can Windows XP still be installed from scratch on a computer, activated, and used in 2016?

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