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EFMP Categories Category 1: Needs do not generally limit assignments Category 2: No CONUS assignment restrictions.OCONUS and remote assignments may be restricted if the qualifying condition cannot be supported due to the availability of required services.This position is designated as the EFMP Nurse Administrator/Special Needs Advisor. Interviews soldiers and family members, assessing and analyzing medical records to identify conditions and needs of family members that warrant EFMP enrollment to assist in the military assignments process.Conducts case findings through collaboration with local military and civilian agencies.Enrollment in the EFMP allows Navy detailers to consider the Sailor’s family needs during the assignment process ensuring that necessary resources will be available at the Sailor’s assigned duty station.Once enrolled, your family member is as­signed one of six categories based upon the frequency and duration of treatment and support that he or she requires.

The process for updating is the same as the process for enrollment.

It requires current documentation (nothing older than six months) along with forms DD 2792 and DD 2792-1, as appropriate.

When a change in duty station is anticipated, it is advised to begin the update process 12 months before the permanent change of station (PCS) date.

Orders are issued using the category assignment as a guideline.

It is important to note that these categories apply to the family member and do not restrict the sea and shore duty requirements of the service member.

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Category 6: Temporary Category: The medical or educational condition requires a stable environment for 6 months to 1 year due to ongoing treatment or diagnostic assessments.

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