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Many of these apps save to the cloud, which means it is safe to delete, but if you have any doubts, you should skip this step.If nothing else has worked but you are worried about the documents you've created in the app, you can connect your i Pad to your PC and check i Tunes on your PC to see if the documents are available for copying to your home computer.Do you have an app that refuses to update or a new app that is stuck in the middle of the download?

The next trick in our arsenal is to reset the i Pad's settings.Find out the fastest way to launch an app without hunting for it.After checking the most common reasons for an app not to update or download completely, it is time to go with the most popular troubleshooting step: reboot the device.Once you are signed out, sign back into your Apple ID and try launching the app again.While rare, it is possible for your router to be the root of the problem. Your router isn't mad at you or anything, but because it has a built-in firewall and manages multiple devices, it can get a little mixed up at times.

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Most of the time it is either an authentication problem, which means the App Store is having a hard time figuring out who you are, or there is a problem with another app or piece of content that the i Pad is trying to download and the app is just waiting in line.

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