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An additional bonus to the Easy Port mount is that there is no cradle left behind for would-be thieves to mistake for something of value, thus increasing vehicle security.

Also included with the XL 340 S are a 12-volt car charger, a USB connection cable, and an adhesive disk for attaching the XL to your vehicle's dashboard if windshield mounting is not permissible.

Features The Tom Tom XL 340 features Advanced Lane Guidance, a new feature to the XL line that shows detailed illustrations of complex freeway interchanges, complete with lane information.

Arrows overlaid on the illustration notify drivers of what lanes will keep them on the chosen route.

Additionally, downloadable fuel prices and traffic camera information can be had via subscription.If it learns that another road is typically congested on weeknights between 5 and 7 p.m., it will attempt to avoid that road on weeknights, but not on weekends.If it can't find a faster way, the device can at least give an accurate time to destination based on real data.IQ Routes is a feature that uses anonymous historical speed and time data gleaned from actual driving and other Tom Tom Map Share/IQ Routes users to calculate the fastest route from point A to B.So for example, if the unit discerns that a certain road is typically congested, it will attempt to avoid it while routing.

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The unit comes bundled with 14 English, French, and Spanish voices. ) Using the free Tom Tom Map Share service lets users make corrections to street names, directions, road speeds, POIs, and so on and upload those changes to be approved and shared with other Tom Tom Map Share users.