Tyler durden dating tips

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Most people are convinced they cannot be as cool as Tyler simply because they aren’t as good-looking or as charismatic as Brad Pitt.

And just like him, you have the potential to become Tyler.On the other hand, we have Tyler Durden, a strong and independent man who lives by his own rules, doesn’t care about possessions, and regularly flips the bird to society.Many men are drawn to this character because he represents the ultimate fantasy of every ordinary Joe.It’s ridiculous when you think about it: we live our lives unhappy because we’ve been unhappy for a long time, which makes us unhappy in the first place.It’s a vicious predestination paradox which governs how we feel about ourselves and our lives in general.

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Also, it has nothing to do with fighting or smoking. For some, it may be earning a lot of money and being financially superior, while for others it is being in a rewarding relationship with just enough to live comfortably.

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