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Astor feels the need to advance musically, and already being the arranger of the Troilo orchestra, he begins his musical studies with Alberto Ginastera in 1941, and later in 1943, he studies piano with Ral Spivak.

“ Pichuco” was one of the best bandoneon players, and Astor always considered him one of his masters.

In 1933 he studies with the Hungarian pianist Bela Wilda, disciple of Rachmaninov, and of whom Astor would later say “ With him I learned to love Bach”.

Shortly thereafter, he meets Carlos Gardel who becomes a good friend of the family and with whom he takes part in the movie “ El Dia Que me Quieras”, playing a brief part as a newspaper boy.

He does not sway and keeps going on the path which he more than ever deems his own, but the media and record labels make it an uphill battle.

In 1958 he disbands the octet and the strings orchestra and he goes back to New York City to work as an arranger.

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In 1949 he feels the need to disband the orchestra and part with the bandoneon, and almost abandons tango altogether.

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