Stephen colletti dating hayden dating site in italy it

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Stephen colletti dating hayden

Usher is notified that his little brother is in trouble at a store for shoplifting.

Bow Wow is at a photo shoot and finds out he'll be photographed with a tiger.

Jessica Biel is at a restaurant and a fan asks her if she'll watch his son, but after she agrees and he starts asking her rude questions.

Jack Osbourne and Wee-Man are stopped by MTV security and denied access through the metal detector Segment.

Rosario Dawson is taken for a ride when she is duped into thinking her limo hit a pedestrian.

Katie Holmes finds herself caught between the girlfriend and the lover of a potential film producer.

When the girlfriend asks her who he was with she says she doesn't know and tries to keep out of it by saying nothing and that doesn't work.

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Eventually the girlfriend thinks she's with him also.

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