Springfield rifle serial number dating

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There were no deaths reported from the failure of a Springfield receiver.

The heat treating method was immediately changed to a double heat treatment, and pyrometers were used to determine the temperature of the heated receivers.

This information was used in the analysis that follows.

The overall failure rate by 1929 was 68/1,085, 506 or 6.3 per 100,000 receivers. Of the 15 years between 1903 and the end of 1917 when the heat treatment method was changed, there were no failures in five of the years (1908-10, 1912, 1915).

Rifles manufactured after these serial numbers are referred to as "high numbered" receivers and are commonly stated to be safe to shoot.

A second problem that Hatcher found was the hardness of the brass cartridge cases, and the design of the Springfield chamber-bolt interface.

He states: "One thing made evident by these tests is the fact that the weakest feature of the modern military actions is the cartridge case itself.

In 1926 24 high numbered receivers were subjected to pressures up to 125,000 pounds per square inch. To discard approximately 1,000, 000 receivers would create a political problem of major proportions for the U. Military, especially at time when military was funded at an extremely low level.

The decision also has be questioned from a numeric standpoint.

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Between 19 three soldiers lost an eye to receiver failure, and six more had unspecified injuries consider serious.

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