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Six men and twelve women took participated in the event which was Touchmark's first. Nubson has been single for 3½ years since the death of her husband of six decades.

Dave Wallis / The Forum It was her first time dating with a timer."I was kind of worried what my kids would think. She's ready for some companionship."I just thought it would be kind of fun to have a good friend to go to a movie with or have coffee," Nubson said.

Worse, when asked about the sequence, he was defiant, insisting that he’d do it again.

Elton Heath and La Verne Nubson introduce themselves to each other before they will have five minutes to get to know each other during a speed dating event held Wednesday, June 29, 2016, at Touchmark at Harwood Groves in Fargo.

Fitz settled on the idea of a speed-dating event for ages 70 to 90 after seeing the movie "The Age of Love" at the Fargo Theatre.

She then arranged for a screening of the documentary about seniors, love and speed dating, on April 25 at Touchmark.

There was that inbounds pass in the final seconds of overtime, intended for Joel Embiid and stolen by Al Horford, that lacked the crispness and conscientiousness that every pass in a close, important game must have. “I would have been confident,” he said, which is the sort of thing a young player says even if he wouldn’t have been.

Maybe they're a little more brave than the guys."Bev Lee said she was married for more than 20 years. "That's a selling point."The women split into two groups, with each group of six rotating between the guys for five-minute sessions of conversations and first impressions.

Gurnee Bridgman of Fargo is 85, but the diamond stud in his left ear hints at a youthful streak."Are we allowed to lie?

Simmons possesses some of the greatest gifts of any Sixers player in any era, speed and vision and a willingness to pass that permeates the entire Sixers team, with so much potential yet untapped. You win, or you lose.” Look, one of Simmons’ finest qualities – and one of the most surprising, relative to his lackluster season of college ball at Louisiana State – is his competitiveness.

But he is still just 21, far from a perfect player, far from a finished product, and this series against the Celtics and Saturday’s 101-98 loss in Game 3 have been loaded with Icarus moments for him, with too many bad decisions born of recklessness and overconfidence. He aims to kill all comers, and it can make him a sight to behold when he’s at his best. If we had it again, you’d probably bring it back out and let them chase you and foul you and chew up the clock.

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