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See for instance, Yeats' quotation below: Considering that, all hatred driven hence, The soul recovers radical innocence And learns at last that it is self-delighting, Self-appeasing, self-affrighting, And that its own sweet will is Heaven's will.

RAISONNEUR (French, "Reasoner"): A character in continental literature whose purpose is similar to that of a chorus in Greek drama, i.e., this choric figure remains at a distance from the main action and provides a reasoned commentary about what takes place.

Realism shares this concern, but seems less obsessed with this point.

My distinction, however, is one not generally accepted by literary critics.

Since the spirits still existed, however, they could theoretically interact with the physical world.

It was thought that the spirits of these saints continued to be connected to their physical remains.

Some writers are classified as part of both movements.

It is a theory or tendency in writing to depict events in human life in a matter-of-fact, straightforward manner.One personal aside--for any computer users reading this who are working with speech recognition software, my wife has found that artificially imitating an "RP" accent almost doubles her computer's consistency in speech recognition for voice commands--at least when working with Macintosh software! German scholar Hans-Robert Jauss in the late 1960s was the primary advocate.The central concern in this theory is called a "horizon of expectation," i.e., that a reader's experience of textual meaning will dramatically alter depending on the time and place of the RECONSTRUCTION: A hypothetical earlier form of a word that probably existed, but for which no direct evidence is available.In medieval Christianity, such relics were thought to be powerful, holy items imbued with divine potency.In Christian belief, the spirits of the saints continued to exist after their deaths, and these spirits would eventually return to their bodies after God resurrects their physical forms on the judgment day.

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Radical innocence was the ability of an adult to maintain a child-like sense of wonder, faith, and goodness in spite of being aware of the cruelties, injustices, and heartaches of the world.

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