Somali girls dating black men

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Families are involved and relationships can be strained if your family disapproves of the union. Marriage is the preservation of cultural lineage which is an unsaid expectation.

The preservation of your culture is an honour to your family.

This not only helps those who are in mixed marriages but also for children born of mixed heritage rejoice in who they are.

Furthermore for wider society and communities to take heed and understand that accepting mixed marriage is a step toward progressive change and has positive implications for future generations to accept appreciate one another’s cultures.

So naturally a lot of Somali women are taking it as a victory that they’re black girl magic and pulling top men.

Somali marriages have traditionally been considered as a bond between not just a man and a woman but also between clans and families.

We know that stigma and ignorance will always exist in every community, the way to combat such obstacles is in the changing of attitudes and perceptions through the celebration and sharing of different cultures and of people’s positive experience.It is a fact that Somalis who marry ‘non Somalis’ are breaking cultural and social norms.In recent years Somalis choosing to marry outside of their community has increased over the years but there appears to be little tangible data.A non-Somali would surely find Somali culture rich and unique in terms of history, language, food and music.However, tribe is still seen as social insurance for most Somalis and a non-Somali may struggle to understand the extent of this bond and his/her partners obligations and duties toward the tribe.

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There is evidence of an increase in Somali women choosing and preferring White Male Muslim converts to Islam compared to their Male Somali counterparts.

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