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Some people can use a programme for the photos and videos.

That is why, I need to make sure from you on the webcam ,before the meeting.'I had written MAMA a letter, but really didn't expect to get an answer,' a thankful Julia told Mail Online.

Aspirations: The pervert uses the girls' dreams of a life in front of the camera or on the catwalk to manipulate them.

Steve Dellar, of Oui Management, was contacted by between 100 and 200 girls the man had approached'He made a copy of all my friend list on social websites, in a case I deleted them.

Gal kept in touch with me and they solved the problem.If you agreed, I am going to come over at your place, so we could talk about the details and if this go good, I would ask you to sign a contract.However, there is one requirement before I come over there, we have to see how you look like on the webcam. As you can see, the agency is located in Milano and I will be glad to work with you. We work on a modelling, advertisement and commercial film area.He said that he will send all pics and video to all my friends and he could find my workplace and send pictures there too.Then he threatened to register me on a pornographic website as a 'cam girl' with all my contacts'He wrote me saying he was a scout of the Italian model agency Urban Management,' Julia recalled.

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'He said that he is interested in working with me as a model for swimsuit catalogue which was being shot in Milan, and said there was a possibility I could earn more than $2,000 [£1,275] for the work.'Indeed, this is another key part of the meticulously thought out scam by the man: pretending to be working for a legitimate and often famous agency, or even pose as the owner, in order to lure his victims in.