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I know that on multiple occasions I was able to conduct interviews with conservative officials—both male female—because they assumed I was less of a threat or that I had a smaller audience reading my work.

I was given a chance to ask a question at former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s final nationally televised press conference, before his second term ended.

When the Rouhani administration finally came to her defense, her captors used those words of support as an opportunity to discredit her even further, claiming she was having “immoral relations” with five of Rouhani’s cabinet ministers.[6] Their so-called evidence was a doctored image of Iran’s foreign minister standing next to a woman with the face of Chitsaz superimposed on that of the original, which was later shown to be the minister’s wife.

With multiple intelligence bodies working in parallel but not together, any support from one can be used by another to worsen the situation.[7]Stories like Afarin’s and mine add a new layer of understanding about the interplay between power, religion, gender and media in Iran, one of the world’s only theocracies and one of its longest standing authoritarian regimes.

During my time reporting there were moments when I realized that because of my job, my identity as a member of society—and indeed my life—could be threatened because of my gender.This large free x Hamster Public Tube will become the ray of arousing light that will wake your libido and make you feel alive!Enjoy vicious HD Porn Videos with hot curvy models!I was detained for 72 nights, 69 of them in solitary confinement, before being released on bail. The most obvious limitation was that I was neither allowed to work as a journalist nor speak with colleagues in the media about the alleged case against us. Being a female journalist has risks in patriarchal Islamic societies like Iran.The scale of the risk became clear to me on July 22, 2014, when security forces of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) raided my apartment in Tehran.

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A new paper by Yeganeh Rezaian, Joan Shorenstein Fellow (fall 2016) and Iranian journalist, shines a light on the difficulties women reporters face while working in Muslim countries, as well as the importance of the stories they tell.