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Although not the showiest of ruins left behind by the ancients; the size, and location beg the questions as to who built it, and for what purpose.

Circlestone is perhaps one of best links tying together those who called the Phoenix area home with an ancient knowledge base, and although it sits relatively untouched very little archaeological work has been done here.

It wasn’t until Tom Kollenborn discovered Circlestone for himself did this site receive any significant attention at all.

Tom Kollenborn was a cowboy and guide in the Superstition range all his life.

To the north lies the sacred Four Peaks, and looking south one sees the entire central Arizona basin.

This 360-degree view was crucial to the purpose of this site for sure.

The very top of Mount Mound is rocky and uneven and doesn’t provide the area needed to lay out a structure of this magnitude.

The answer is because this structure is 140 feet across.

This valley just west of Circlestone is now known as Reavis Ranch and is one of the only perennial water sources in the entire Mountain Range.

Being the only water in the area makes this little mountain valley both strategically and economically important.

Circlestone is extremely understudied and largely ignored by academia and historians alike.

Is it because of its extremely remote location that it gets so little attention, or is there something else there that when examined may challenge the official archaeological narrative?

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It could also simply be that many researchers honestly unaware it, as was the case when I recently spoke with two City of Phoenix Archaeologists.