Sikh and interracial dating

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Socially it is not acceptable, whereas religious it is.

She not only accepted the Sikh philosophy and culture, but also practiced it sincerely.However, those who support the disruptions say they are not opposed to interfaith marriages per se, but are only trying to enforce religious guidelines.In 1950, Sikh scholars and priests in India agreed on a code of conduct, after multiple attempts, to define what it meant to be a Sikh and what obligations should be placed on followers.The police were called and eventually the couple were forced to proceed into a hurried ceremony, while the protesters watched and took pictures of them to publish online. The next weekend an interfaith wedding in Lozells, Birmingham, nearly turned into a mass brawl after protesters tried to stop it and, again, the police had to be called.The following weekend, another wedding in Coventry only managed to go ahead after some negotiations with the disrupters.

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In each case, the bride was a Sikh woman and the groom a non-Sikh man.