Sexy men chatt

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Sexy men chatt

In most cases the deadline will be and our phones will be switched on to accept calls from 9am.: If you are unable to confirm by then please inform us that this is the case and we will be happy to arrange an alternative time for your confirmation call.Please do not just send an email on the day as electronic mail is not as reliable (or as polite) as a phone call.6: All of our ladies are aware of the importance of punctuality and we would respectfully ask that clients also show our ladies the same consideration.: If you are unable to call between 9am and due to a flight, then we would request that you leave us a voicemail before boarding your flight and then call us again after you have landed.Please do not leave it until you have arrived at your hotel as we may assume that your flight has been delayed and cancel the booking.We are happy to ask Petra about any advance bookings in London for any dates that you might have in mind and would prefer that you do this via her booking form.

3: Please note that ALL advance bookings must be confirmed by you, by telephone, before a pre-arranged deadline ON THE DAY of the booking.

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We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories.

4: Failure to confirm on time may mean lead to a booking being cancelled.

5: If you wish to cancel your booking then please CALL US to cancel.

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She’s open-minded, fun, very friendly and has a extremely positive energy about her and she just seems to glow… She looks good in everything from dresses to figure hugging jeans which she wears with heels and she knows how to show off her figure in a discreet manner.

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