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Sex aunty text chat

We chatted about mundane crap for half an hour or so; I finished one beer while Nikola drained her wine glass. "Oops," she chuckled as piss sprinkled into the water. "This is so sexy," I groaned as the stream began to dry. Fuck, Nikola, I'd never have guessed you were into something this ... The months I'd worked on her, flirting and making lewd innuendo whenever I had business being in her shop in town. The glass is in the cupboard above the sink." When I returned to the conservatory, Nikola was on her feet. "I didn't say anything about sucking my tits," Nikola murmured, "but don't stop," she sighed. "Yeah, a pint," and then, while I glugged at the can, Nikola shimmied out of her dark skirt before standing there in front of me, posing with her hands on her hips, the febrile lace of her underwear covering her ungainly labia.

"I'll get us a top-up," the woman said and left me alone in the conservatory. On almost every occasion I'd been rebuffed, coming close to kissing her once until some twat had needed a packet of cigarettes and come into the shop, forcing Nikola out of the storeroom where I had her in a clinch, my arms around her, hands on her waist a second or two before she succumbed to my lips. That was the moment she asked if I wanted to see her breasts, unable to resist one last teasing taunt before she finally revealed herself to me. " Nikola asked after I'd breathed the words at her. "Yes," I replied, "I really do." I gulped again, my eyes on stalks as I stared at those big jugs. I slurped and sucked at those teats, smacking my lips off them as the flesh tightened and grew between my lips. "You get out of your clothes," the woman ordered as she sipped her wine. " Nikola blinked and swigged the remnants of the wine down her throat.

"See ya, Nikola," he said with a wave and a resigned air. He tells me he's going to leave his wife but he never does." I recognised my opportunity when I saw it. If Nikola had finished with her policemen boyfriend, her married policeman boyfriend, and if she wanted to watch me pee ... Unzipping I hauled forth my cock, already thick with interest, and aimed it at the bowl. ' "Yes," I breathed when the final drops pitter-pattered into the toilet bowl. I'd do anything she wanted, any fucking thing at all. "Whatever you say." I could hear the urgent desperation in my voice.

One Saturday night, out of the blue, he gets a phone call from Nikola inviting him to her house. Feedback can be via PM on Lit, Public Comments below, or email. There's scope for a follow-up scene to this submission depending on interest and my own circumstances. I hope you enjoy, and if there are any typos or other fuck-ups in the text I apologise and hope you enjoy it just the same.

"We're going out," the girl said to her mother in a sulky voice.

I guessed she and her boyfriend, a gangling, dark-haired bloke about my age who looked pretty pissed off had had some kind of disagreement. She stared at me for a long time after, with the wine bottle in her hand she nudged the fridge door closed with her backside.

Also, as I got close to the finale I then injected the 'Aunty Nikola' thing.

I do hope this cross-categorisation doesn't detract from the overall impression of a nasty piss tale. I'd like to know how this is received by the genuine pee lovers out there.

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The girl stood up and, ignoring me completely, said good night to Nikola and flounced from the room. "I don't know about that," she responded, pouring wine into her glass.

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