Self validating reduction

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Self validating reduction

For safe autonomous vehicle products for all, validation on billions of kilometres is needed, thus using both massive and driver-in-the-loop simulation, with a large number of driving scenarios.

One of the main critical scenarios is the handover between manual and autonomous mode in different traffic situations.

How can one prove that the vehicle senses the environment correctly? One is real-world driving tests and the other is virtual testing in simulators. The first, however, suffers from the unavailability of accurate ground truth data, whereas the latter suffers from unrealistically simplified virtual worlds.

We present an approach to acquire accurate 3D map data that can be used as ground truth and realistic 3D world models.

Huge computing power processes gigabit data that forms the basis for decisions.The action of the vehicle is observed by a micro GPS system.The quality is identified by a complex fuzzy-logic-based algorithm automatically.Insurance products and processes will need to be adjusted to account for autonomous driving.Allianz has already gathered on-road experience by insuring autonomous vehicles globally.

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Advance development of self-driving has been elaborated by modern sensors and systems as well as novel technologies to quickly provide a proof of concept.

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