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Posted by / 25-Jul-2020 01:53

(A few have become famous in their own right, too — Kate Middleton, we're looking at you.) Here are 14 stars who have dated, and in some cases, married, some super relatable non-famous people.

A few celebrities have actually married their fans (some fans are even famous in their own right).

To see if your fave celeb is a fan dater check out the gallery below.

It’s basically every fan’s biggest dream: the hope that they might someday have a chance with their favorite star.

Dating woes don't escape celebrities simply because they're famous, and that's actually so refreshing to hear. I mean, can you picture Hilary Duff sitting around with her friends talking about some weird guy she had a Tinder date with over margaritas?

It's easy to think that celebrities are somehow immune to "normal" experiences, such as awkward dating moments and hideously bad first impressions, but it's true: Celebrities play the field just like any of us do, and the only difference is that they run the risk of appearing on TMZ when exiting the restaurant after their date.

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