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Whilst The Saltire Lounge is undoubtedly a Scottish bar, Dale and his amazing staff are from all across the UK and you’ll soon discover that absolutely everyone is welcome here and you would be surprised to discover the wide range of nationalities sitting side by side and enjoying the friendly atmosphere of this nifty little pub.

Open seven days a week from 3pm until the early hours of the morning all throughout the summer, two minutes from the beach, two minutes from the old town and two seconds from Malia Beach Road, whether you’re looking for a relaxing post-beach beer or a crazy afternoon session, The Saltire Lounge really is your ideal holiday base-camp and customers flock back to their Malia “local” year after year after year.

Scotland is a world leader in providing family history information on the internet, partly because written records go back a long way.

The main examples are registers of births, marriages and deaths dating back to 1553, Census records from 1841 to 1911 and wills dating back to 1500 - all available online.

The Saltire Lounge is ideally located as a pre-club bar, and that might be your intention when you walk in, but once you’ve gotten to know the staff, sampled the outrageous, yet friendly atmosphere here, had a crack on the karaoke and knocked back a few dozen Skittle-Bombs, there’s every chance you’ll still be there when the sun comes up. The drinks are on point, the location is ideal, the staff are the nuts, it doesn’t really get any better.

The Saltire Lounge is honestly an all-around gem of a pub, completely unique, cosily sized and a whole lot of heart.

There are about 50 million people world-wide who claim Scottish ancestry.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Malia during an international tournament, we honestly can’t recommend the Saltire Lounge enough, it may not be the biggest venue on the strip, but during the European or the World Cup it’s almost certainly one of the liveliest and once you’ve experienced the unique atmosphere, you’re not going to want to watch a match anywhere else.

The page is regularly updated with great content; from interesting features about Scots past and present to celebrating Scotland's achievements around the world.

Asked at a press conference about the removal of the Saltire, Scotland's First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said: 'Perhaps we should reflect and wonder what the response might be if this story was in reverse and the Union Jack was removed from packaging because of complaints in Scotland.

And don't for get Scotland's national drink VENOM !

The Saltire is the ONLY place to get a genuine Venom with REAL Sounthern Comfort and a whole bottle of WKD, do not accept cheap copies down the strip - you get what you pay for.

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They do almost everything here and they do it all extremely well, with care and attention and a smile on their face.

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