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For years it was, “Oh, skate through it,” or, “Work on your breathing to get more oxygen to your shins.” We were actually planning on skating this season, and it’s funny because mentally I was really blocking out the pain, not admitting it to myself.It wasn’t until I met the new team doctor at our national team skating camp and she suggested I do some follow-up testing in Edmonton that we realized surgery was even an option.In an interview with Hello Magazine, Virtue was asked how she and Scott have such great chemistry on the ice.She says, “The chemistry and connection Scott and I share on the ice stems from a shared love of movement, musicality and storytelling. That said, we have immense respect for one another, and always end up in laughing fits.” While they’re chemistry is certainly undeniable, the two are not dating.Her path to the gold, however, has not been an easy one.

" data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" w=719" /Ontario Liberal Party Leader Kathleen Wynne speaks with supporters in Guelph as outgoing MPP Liz Sandals looks on.We considered, briefly, postponing it until after the season, but whenever we take the ice we always want to be at our best, and I think the last two years, training in that pain, I haven’t felt that.” Virtue had a similar surgery in 2008; that time, doctors were focusing on her shins, whereas the 2010 surgery focused on her calves.In an interview with Hello Magazine, Tessa reveals that she typically trains four hours of day on the ice, two hours in the gym, and has one hour of a treatment like osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage, or facial stretch therapy.I try not to deprive myself too much — it’s about moderation.” Her guilty pleasure? Jonathan Vance, the Chief of Defence Staff, discusses targeted killings of Canadian citizens. 4, 2014 photo of Vance when he was Commander of Canadian Joint Operation Command.

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