Science museum speed dating

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Science museum speed dating

Regular, formal meetings of staff members have been instigated, so as to maintain efficiency, promote communication and identity with the Museum’s mission, and co-ordinate ideas and initiatives.The following meetings now take place monthly: Staff Meeting, Collections Meeting, Exhibitions Meeting, Library Committee Meeting.Among the families treated are the Herschels, the Dollonds, the globe-makers Senex and four generations of astrolabe makers in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Lahore.Dr Bennett has been attending planning meetings of the Universal Leonardo Bureau, with a view to mounting an exhibition within a set of linked exhibitions on Leonardo da Vinci in 2006.Throughout the year the Museum has not had the services of an IT Officer or a Photographer, which has placed significant additional burdens on other members of staff. The dissertation titles were: 'The Wonder and Romance of Science: the Popular Science Writing of Charles R. Work placements integral to formal courses at other institutions were provided for Jason Semmens (Leicester University, M. in Museum Studies) and Roger Smith (West Dean College, Furniture Conservation).Gibson (1870-1931)' (by Samantha van Gerbig) and 'Marketing Mathematics: Georg Hartmann and Albrecht Dürer, a Comparison' (by Eleanor Sheppard). Exhibitions‘Solomon’s House in Oxford: New Finds from the First Museum’ closed on 21 December.Collections Management and Conservation Museum staff have been assessing a number of computer systems for collections management, with a view to replacing the current ‘Inventory’ as soon as possible.A new environmental monitoring system has been installed in the galleries, the off-site store and the archive store.

On display were 53 clocks by makers such as William Clement, Edward East, Ahasuerus and John Fromanteel, John, Joseph and Samuel Knibb, Daniel Quare and Thomas Tompion, all from private collections so not normally seen by the public.Dr Johnston introduced the exhibition on Oxford Six TV.On 27 July the exhibition, ‘Succession: Families at Work in Science’ opened in the Special Exhibition Gallery.It was accompanied by a free leaflet for visitors.‘Ingenuity in Restoration England’ opened in the Special Exhibitions Gallery on 28 January.This exhibition marked the 300th anniversary of the death of Robert Hooke, and dealt also with the work of his contemporaries Christopher Wren, Denis Papin, Samuel Morland and William Petty. The student exhibition for 2003 was mounted in the entrance gallery from 13 March.

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Private sponsorship permitted a high standard of display and the Antiquarian Horological Society arranged the printing of both a free leaflet and an outstanding catalogue.