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Rules of the dating game

Jessica says he will represent Harvey in the deposition and defend his credibility.

Mike goes out with Jenny on a double date with Rachel and her date who is Kyle, Mike's rival associate at the firm.

Harvey then introduces Mike to Cameron, telling him that he was his mentor when he was still working at the at the DA office.

Mike talks about division of the 10 companies that goes to Kelsey so a certain percentage goes to Madison.Elsewhere, Mike and Louis try to settle a mogul's estate in the midst of family clashes, and Jenny worries that Mike is hiding something.Jenny begins questioning Mike about his true relationship with Rachel after Louis tells her that he knows something is going on between Mike and Rachel. Jenny then insists that she and Mike go out on a double date with Rachel (that is if Rachel can find somebody she can go out with) so Jenny can get to know Rachel more and they can start a kindly friendship. On the way to the office, Harvey spots an old colleague in Cameron Dennis (played by Gary Cole).Dennis reveals to Harvey the true reason of their date was that so he can assure that Harvey got his back during the trial.Harvey wants Dennis to settle however Dennis knows that during his time whatever may have happened, both of them put the real bad guys to jail.

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Mike comes in and tells Harvey that the tabloid that Malcolm Price had was a growing fortune and if Kelsey can have it, she is set for life.

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