Rules for dating an aquarius woman dating older women yahoo

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Rules for dating an aquarius woman

If you have Venus in Aquarius, you’re not necessarily craving the craziest lover, just the one who’s most different.For example, if your society is full of wild party animal types, then you’ll be attracted to the only homely, shy person.Note: Your Venus sign shows your characteristics in close relationships, not necessarily in any other area of your life.Conjunctions to Venus from the outer planets will alter your love style. Read about the Air Sign Love Language since Aquarius is an air sign.

It’s a lucky person who captures Venus in Aquarius; and yes, Venus in Sagittarius is highly compatible with Venus in Aquarius.Talking about all subjects is more romantic for them than deep emotional promises and hugs.If you have Venus in Water, perhaps you should move on now before you get hurt. Try this: get an adult novel and take turns reading it to each other and acting out the scenes. They are not content to sit at home with you, just the two of you.You are not Pisces-type martyrs, but you are martyrs in your own way. Men with Venus in Aquarius are romantically turned on by unique people, by the strange ones, by the eccentric ones.You sacrifice a “good” reputation for the sake of forcing the world to consider new ways of loving each other. The bad news is that all this scientific experimenting with love can leave you with an impersonal attitude toward your lover, which can interfere with close relationships. The Venus in Aquarius woman stands out by dressing differently or wearing her hair differently. They don’t mind quirky people; they are attracted to them.

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But he’s not simply about the sex, he wants to read to you, study you, talk to you, and really get to know you. You have probably heard that Venus in Aquarius values freedom in relationships. To Venus in Aquarius, shock value is more important than freedom.